The Rights to the BALLS ….

Recently i have made it a bit of a point to get out of the house a bit more … i know, i know .. its almost summer and should have started when the weather was a little better .. what to do .. we are like this only .. so i decide to take […]

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The Rules to Success .. I think this is probably one of the best “share your wisdom” videos i have ever seen … ok Jonathan’s voice when turns into high pitch can be a little distracting .. but overall i give him a 10/10 …  I even tested Comm Rule number 9 .. and he replied to my email […]

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I am an Omani Male living in Oman. I currently work in Oman and have studied in Oman!

I decided to start this blog after I was introduced to Oman’s blogging society thru google web alerts. I set up alerts for Oman and Muscat and the most interesting alerts I got were from the bloggers of Oman. So after reading and following these blogs for a year or so I started to post comments as anonymous and people started to call me anon. I am not claiming that I am the only anon out there, but I decided to own the name and so Omanymous was born …

I don’t know what this blog is going to be about yet … but the idea is that I am just going to share my thoughts ..