Fight The Smears

So this is my second real post.

I have had a total of 2 hits on my last post .. i think both of them were me !

lets see if this blog ever really picks any traffic.

I came across a very interesting website over the weekend. Barack Obama has launched a site where he attempts to “fight the smears” that him and his wife are accused of. Overall, i think the website idea is very good, but i find the way it is designed to be very funny. When they introduce the smear the heading is dirty and smudgy and when they introduce the truth the heading is shining blue. They have posted a copy of Obama’s birth certificate to show that he was born in Hawaii after it officially became a state and therefore they refute the lie that Obama is not a natural born citizen! isnt that something ! The content of the site hasnt been updated for a couple of days, so i guess Obama is not getting smeared as often as he thought ! in any case, it gives good insight in the kind of tools the current candidates for the US President are using to get their message out.

I have been watching The West Wing recently, and i reached season 7 (the final season). I think its funny how they have a latino democratic candidate running against a 70 year old republican candidate. Ok so Congressman Santos is married to a blonde, but i guess they couldnt have a fully latino first family, could they? But i guess that show really prepared every one for what was to come. Even Series like 24 had African American presidents that were brothers !! ok so that was a bit of stretch but still, it could happen? does Obama have a brother that will run for president later? Come to think of it, Morgan Freeman was president in Deep Impact ( i think) … Going back to the west wing… if anyone really wants to know about US politics they should watch this show… i dont know how real it is … but it does give great insight into the whole process and players… i will give you a few examples:

I never knew how powerful the White House Chief of Staff can be. That was a real shocker for me. In some sense he is even more powerful than the VP…. He gets to decide who sees POTUS and what POTUS sees…. He can even influence the decisions POTUS makes … Now that is real power..

Another thing that didnt occur to me is the amount issues that POTUS has to deal with and how many decisions need to be made in a day. The white house has to deal with domestic, international, political, defense, national security, natural disasters, you name it.. they have to deal with it .. but its a real team sport… if these people dont get along then there is no way they can get things done..


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