Jews in Bahrain ..

ok for this post … i decided to go a bit regional… why not, right?

We should really know what is going on around us … and we should highlight the interesting stuff that we feel others might find ….. interesting ….

So this post is going to be about Bahrain

i dont know if anyone really knows about this other than the Bahrainis .. but there seems to be a few (seven) jewish families that still live in Bahrain

I recently came across an article in mideast youth about a lady called Ms. Huda Azra Ibrahim Nunu who has been appointed as Kingdom’s ambassador to the U.S.

Miss Nunu is also………….. A Jew !

Miss Nunu is also a member of the Bahraini parliament ( the same parliament that voted against Haifa Wahbe performing in Bahrain) She is also, co founder of the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society.

Isnt this just mind blowing .. a GCC state appoints a women ambassador to the United States of America (like us) and this woman happens to be Jewish !!!! what a stunt ! Bahrain must have hired some kind of think out of the box PR firm to come up with that idea … And the profile of the lady is just the right one to have .. ok so she doesnt have any diplomatic experience but she would have the whole foreign affairs machine behind her…. this is the kind of stuff that makes headlines … i am surprised it didnt come to my attention earlier .. its kind of big news .. right ?

i cannot help but wonder if the other GCC nations have any jewish residents … that are nationals … has anyone heard of omani jews, have you? Wikipedia reports that Oman no longer has a jewish community .. I would be interesting to know if there is any documented history of this .. just out of curiosity …


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