The Hair Cut …

Have you ever noticed that some occupations are just dominated by a certain type of people? As far back as I can remember, Filipino Gay Men Barbers (FGMB) have always pioneered and dominated the top echelons of “the male barber choice” in Oman. With names like teddy and joy they have managed to stay on top… Teddy, if any of you know or heard of him… went to KSA came back to Oman, and now apparently has retired in Sohar… where he works just as little as he possibly can … And then there was this FGMB with the name Joy (i dont think i ever met him) but i’ve heard … come to think of it, even a woman cannot get a way with being called Joy … but this guy/gay thought he could and he did !

Lately however, the Lebanese and the Turks have been trying to creep into that space, but i think few have succeeded in becoming a major force. The Turks at least are really competing more with the Indians but you will find that some may have crossed into the 3 Rial haircut zone. The price of which has been set by the FGMBs. Now, some of you may pay more for a haircut, I know. Yes, you can actually get a haircut here for more than 15 Rials, but i am not sure if its really worth it. With that you will probably get better treatment (greeted by the receptionist, taken somewhere to get ready, and not have to wait) as you would naturally have taken an appointment and move into the whole spa thing. Those of you who do that probably get your nails done at the same place.Yes, some men do get their nails done ….

I went to get a haircut yesterday to my usual FGMB. There were at least 7 Filipinos in the shop. The two barbers and the 5 women hanging around, singing to the radio, and laughing loudly. There was a western expat getting a haircut and another filipino getting a hair cut. I go in and sit down. The women hanging around the shop moved to the outside as soon as i walk in. For some reason, i was the party breaker, the white guy getting a hair cut didnt seem to spoil the mood. I wait for my turn. the first to finish was the filipino. It turns out it was a women. A woman was getting haircut at a men’s barber shop.

Just a side note: sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate between Filipino women and Filipino men. At least i find it very difficult. I have made so many mistakes thinking one was a woman when it was a man and one was a man when it was a women.

Another side note: lately, ive come to notice Filipinos much more. I dont know why, but they seems to be everywhere. Ive also come to notice that some of these guys have some real attitude.. the majority are nice people and very good at what they do… but they all seem to have one thing in common… they dont listen very well.. maybe its a language thing.

So the woman pays the barber …. i think it was less than i pay … and i think i would pay less than Mr. Western Expat (they usually pay more for everything) … she must have a paid a Rial maybe two .. i usually pay 3 for a haircut and 1 more for a wash… if you guys dont get wash after the haircut then you are really missing out… its is definitely worth that extra rial … the rest of your day doesnt get itchy and scratchy …. you can actually continue to function normally after getting a hair cut … i learned this from an eastern European guy … he would always get a hair wash after the haircut because he doesnt want to shower at home … apparently (according to him) there is no need to shower on daily basis … the same reason you dont have to change your clothes everyday …. I am not sure about both of those habits … but hey, they seem to work for him …. so good for him !

I get my hair cut, and now we go to the back room to get the hair washed. I always hesitate before i go into the back room. I am just never prepared for what i might see. I never see anything strange or suspicious, but just following that FGMB to back while people watch is courageous…. i sit on the chair and put my head back into the wash basin … and i notice this time they have the shampoo in a huge plastic container… the industrial type … and then….. he pops the question … “did you call me today ?” .. so now i am thinking .. me call you ? why would i call you? so i say “call who?” he says .. “did you call to make an appointment” …. so i say “no .. i didnt call you” … and that was that … got my hair washed … paid my four rials and got out of there ..


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