Ive always checked the local blogs for news and views… and while i was browsing thru BeInOman i noticed the an entry about this sort of IT portal called knowledge oman …. naturally, i got excited … who wouldnt, right? …. this could be something of reference site for me from now on … i mean it is supposed to be the center for IT knowledge sharing in Oman … and its was specifically engineered to create a knowledge based economy … and bring up the ICT sector in Oman … what a FANTASTIC idea … genius stuff right ?

10 out of 10, a double smiley face, and 21 golden stars for the idea

Now for the stuff that doesnt do it for me … i am not sure if the site was actually specifically engineered to do what it intends to do … to me it looks like a standard, off the self, Microsoft discussion board …. maybe with some blog features … coz it is a bit of a blog as well with the reporter style columns… We have enough discussion boards… we need proper web portals with discussion boards as a section (something like Oman3D) I also think its one big billboard for Microsoft and Mr. Barwani, mashallah, he managed to put his name on almost every single page!! In terms of content, i think they still have a lot of work to do. Today the content is mainly news. There is nothing there that i can really call knowledge. its just information … for example there is no knowledge database of common IT problems faced in Oman because of our beloved providers or tips for us bloggers to make our blogs look better and with more features. There is no explanation on how to start your own online business (now that there is a local payment gateway and an electronic transaction law). At least start by explaining the law (i think blue-chi discussed it) how will the law help us create a knowledge based society … what ever that really means.. i dont think anyone even knows what a knowledge based economy is … are we talking about comoditizing knowledge ?? and are we going to achieve that through an off the shelf discussion forum ?? i think there lessons to be learned from people who have some experience in creating valuable internet portals ….

I honestly feel this was put together for the publicity and for people to just say we are part of it … i dont think it can become the success it should be if it is not taken more seriously … its not enough to have some people volunteering to do this … it needs to be done properly …

finally, i dont want anyone to think that i am discounting any of the efforts people have put into KO! … I am here to share my thoughts … so i will… i hope that something positive will come out of this and that KO! becomes a real reference site …… at the end we all play for the same team….


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