The Tinted Front Window…

Over the weekend, I was stopped by the traffic police while Ii was BEHIND them … I’ll repeat that for you … I was driving BEHIND a police car….. The Police car was in FRONT of me …. They put on their sirens on and signal me to stop …This is a very confusing situation to be in, dont you think?

The police have to decide to stop you by looking at you from the rear view mirror. So their decision is based on very limited information. I didn’t know what to think. I am wearing my seat belt (Safety First) Why am I being stopped? Was I driving too close? Too far? Was I talking too loud? What do i do now? do i overtake them and then stop? WHAT IS GOING ON !?? So i just signal and stop to the side, but I decide its too hot to get out of the car. I cant think of anything I had done wrong. So I wait.

Side note: Oman is a safe place today because of the efforts of the ROP and we salute them for that! They are polite almost all the time. They treat people with respect and they have recently become a very efficient service oriented organization. They are so organized now that they put people in the service industry to shame.

Mr. Traffic Policeman comes over to the window and I immediately hand over my “laysen / mulkiya”

Mr. Me: Salaam

Mr. P: 3alaykum.

Mr. Me: how are you?

Mr. P: fine.

Mr. Me: hows life?

Mr. P: good.

Mr. Me: what about you?

Mr. P: fine?

Mr. Me: how is the family?

Mr. P: good. what news?

Mr. Me: nothing.

Mr. P: from your side?

Mr. Me: NIL.

Mr. P: We will have to fine you.

Mr. Me: Sure, no problem, but may i ask for what?

Mr. P: Yes. Your front window is tinted.

Mr. Me: But its not tinted, this is the heat reflective type of film that keeps the car cool.

Mr. P: aiwa aiwa .. shonson fee kool 3arfinoh (yes yes , johnson V-kool, i know)

Mr. Me: So you should fine them, why are they allowed to sell this stuff ?

Mr. P: those are commercial issues, we dont interfere. The law does not allow for tint on the front window. not even 1%

Mr. Me: but ive had this for more than a year, ive never been stopped before…

Mr. P: Just because you havnt been stopped, it doesnt mean that its allowed.

Mr. Me: So this is the law then?

Mr. P: Yes. it is the law

Mr. Me: Ok, please give me my fine.

Mr. P: No No No, its ok.

Mr. Me: No, please, if it is th law, then you should fine me.

Mr. P: No, I am not going to fine you. but make sure you remove it before some other policeman does.

Mr. Me: Shukran Ya’7y, Ammarah? (thank you)

Mr. P: A7sant ..

The policeman gets into his cars and zooms off. I put my documents back in their place and move ahead. 200m down the road, he has stopped someone else with some tint in his windows and I guess thats going to be his thing for the rest of the day, maybe even for the week. So i didnt get fined after all, but it would be nice if i could get a list of traffic offenses, so next time I could tell if I am really a traffic violator !


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