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This is long post about my quest for data. Simply, i am looking for some recent population statistics about Oman.

So I start where one would usually start, The Internet. No real success to speak of. The MONE site has some good stuff, but nothing recent or that detailed. Then, I make a few phone calls and all indications show that the best place to get all the info that i need isat MONE. All the information is available in what is called The Statistical Yearbook. I get into my car and drive up to MONE. I park outside and walk through the gate. As I approach the guard i think to myself, I’ll just ask the guard where to get the statistical year book coz people must come and buy it all the time, right? He will know where to get it from and i will save time. The adventure starts:

Side Note: I am going to skip all the greetings that take place at each stop. They length of each greeting session will be different at each stop but the theme is consistent. Everyone know how that goes down.

Stop number 1: MONE Guard post

Where can i buy the statistical yearbook?

This is the MONE

Yes, thank you. I know, i was told i can get these stats here in a book called the statistical yearbook

A Book?

Its a report more than a book, sorry.

Go to building One. there.

Where in building one? any specific place?

No, just ask the reception

Thank you

Stop number 2: MONE Building 1 Reception.

I am here to buy the statistical yearbook. Do you know where i can find it?

You want to buy a book?

Its more of a report. A publication.

For books you need to go to the library.

But its not a book really.

All books are at the library. Building Number Three.

Thank you. Where is this building?

Across the parking at the end.

Should i speak anyone is particular?

Just go to reception there.

Stop number 3: MONE Building 3 Reception

I am looking to buy the statistical yearbook. The latest one. 2007 ?

You want to buy a book?

Its a statistical book. It has all sorts of economic and population data.

I dont know where you can get it.

OK thank you. Where is the Library?

The door behind you.

Stop number 4: The Library.

I am looking for the statistical year book, do you have it?

Yes we have it.

Does it have the latest data on population?

What do you mean latest?

I mean 2007 ?

No No No .. it has 2006 data .. the 2007 data will be published later this year.

Any chance of getting the latest data?

I dont know … really

Ok, can i buy it ?

Yes, but not from here. you have to go to purchases. Its in that other building over there.

Stop Number 5: Another reception

Stop Number 6: Purchases Department. There are a couple of desks and one guy.

I am here to purchase the statistical year book.

Ahhh yes, you are the printer?

No No No i want to to buy the latest version of the statistical yearbook.

You want to print it, yes. just wait for this guy to come he is handling that (he points at an empty desk)

No, you dont understand. I want to buy the already published book.


The statistical year book. I went to the library and they told me i can buy it here.

Just wait for this guy to come (points at another empty desk) “istree7”

So i wait for 15 minutes and no body comes. The guy feels sorry for me and says:

Why dont you go check with the public relations department. They must be able to help you get your book.

Stop number 7: Public Relations Department

I would like to buy the Statistical Yearbook please.

I am here just filling in for someone. The person that does this is on leave. Let me check for you how this is done. I’ll be back

Now i am feeling pretty good ! i finally met someone who didnt say “book?” so i wait… He comes back and asks me to wiat… Then an indian guy comes in and tell him that he needs to fix his computer… so the guy says ok come… and disappears again…. he comes back a few minutes later and asks me to follow him.. we both leave the PR Dept.

Stop number 8: The office in the corridor

I would like to buy the statistical year book

Yes, please have a seat (istreeeee7)

How much is it?

The Book or the CD?

Ahhh i can get a CD ?

Yes- CD one Rial

Excellent i will take the CD

Here is your Rial

Oh No No No … you cant pay here… you have to go pay in finance department.

The guy gives me the CD and a piece of paper that i am supposed to give to the finance department so that they can give me a receipt and he asks to see my ID card. I thanked him and left his office. As i walked to the finance department i realized he wrote my name totally wrong on the piece of paper. It was someone else’s name. do go back? do just run? i have the CD.. i cant just run? i have to pay …

Stop number 9: Finance Deparment

I am here to pay for this CD i just bought.

Yes, go there.

I am here to pay for the statistical yearbook CD

Book? or CD?

CD ya seedi


you are flan bin faltan al faltani ?

erm … yes?

one rial

here you go

At this point i am just hoping he doesnt ask to see my ID card cos i’ll be totally busted. I am buying CD with one rial with a fake name … i am sweating now … i should have gone back and changed the name to the right one .. he gives me the receipt and i go …

I bump into the guy that gave the cd in the corridor .. he asks me if i paid and i say yes …

he says .. All the data on the CD is available on our website … you can just download it from there ..

sure enough … he was right … i had just wasted a day and the “Book” is available on line .. here


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