The Mishkak kids…

I think this is one of the few things that make me really really really MAD !!! If you are looking for something to be upset about, then this is probably it.

i was driving thru athaiba the other day just after ma’3reb (sun set), on the road behind safeer that ends up at those two huge scary buildings (sahwa towers)… just before i get to the T junction there was this little girl, she must have been 7 years old, being dropped off by some older dude (40s) and younger dude (20s) in a blue pick up truck.

As i waited in the traffic, i watched, they let the little girl down from the back of the truck, and the younger dude helped her set up the BBQ stand and put the cool box and other stuff around. They then got back into the truck and left her. She then started to set up her mishkak (BBQ) stand. Where she will cook the meat and sell it to people who stop by for a snack up until they come back pick her up again. Probably later that night not before ten pm at least. Ive seen these guys work that street corner before … but its usually two little boys… again i would say both are younger than ten.

In the beginning, i used to think, its actually great that these kids are actually doing something constructive with their time and making some extra spending money. Its very entrepreneurial of them. Until now, I just realized that these kids are just being abused by some older people (maybe parents) to make more money for the family. If this is a real way to make money then these older guys should be manning the stand and not letting these little kids do that. I almost called the police. but then what would i say? should i call the baladiya (municipality)? are these people violating any laws?

I am sure there are some laws against selling food on the street corner… I am sure that you need to have permit to sell food… and there needs to be a set place to sell food… and there are health inspectors who should should come and make sure the place is clean and the food is edible … and not poisoned by being exposed to the emissions of the all the cars and heat of that time of the day. But this is really a secondary issue..

side note: lately, i have notice many of these street sales people. The sell fruits, vegetables, and even fish. This is not a healthy way to sell stuff and should be regulated.

The real issue is the kids … i honestly believe that this could be a serious case of child abuse… and this should be taken seriously… I really would not like to see this develop into a child labour abuse circle that forces young kids into making mishakeek on street corners… at the moment i am hoping that this is just an isolated case…

I will take pictures next time i come across this


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