The Plumber…

Last night i had a plumbing emergency … and its almost impossible to get a plumber to come and sort the problem out … the pipe under the kitchen sink started to leak and if it continued to do that, the water would destroy the kitchen cabinets… Something Had to Be Done !

So, I try to fix it first. I try to fix it. I try to fix it. I try to fix it. I have no idea what i am doing. But i am trying. ok, No luck. Its now time to try to cut the water supply to kitchen. So i go the roof and turn of some values. NOTHING. still water. I go the main and turn it off. NOTHING. still water… WHERE IS THIS WATER COMING FROM???

I give up.. its now 10.30 pm

Its now time to call in the pros. Who are the pros? I’ll tell you… you see them driving around in a blue and white minivan… They are the guys that are there to fix stuff when it goes wrong… they have a very good number on the van … so you can call it … I dont know their name but i can tell you what the number is ….. its 95350000 …. The only problem is that THEY ARE USELESS…dont bother calling them … i make the call:

Omanymous: Hello

Useless Person: Ha … hello

(nothing to indicate that i am calling a business, now i am not sure i have called the right number. The guys sounds like he is sleeping or drunk)

Omanymous: Is this the number for home maintenance services?

Useless Person: heah?

Omanymous: Do you do maintenance work?

Useless Person: Hello ..

Omanymous: I need a plumber… do you have plumber?

(now i am not sure if i am speaking the correct language)

Useless Person: plubmer ?

Omanymous: Yes.. for fixing water leaking

Useless Person: no plumber ..

Omanymous: Are you working today?

Useless Person: not working

I hung up the phone not knowing where the guy was from (company wise), whether i spoke in the correct language to communicate my problem, or whether there i had the wrong phone number all together….. if i see that blue minivan again i am going to crash into it … I dont know when we will be able to get reliable service here in Oman…. i am not asking for excellent customer service … i just want to be able to get decent reliable service … when you pick up the phone say the company name … tell me you are not working…. and let me know when you can be available to come fix the problem … but thats just too much to ask

So i spend the next half an hour calling friends (who are wake at 11 pm) to find out if anyone knows a plumber. Finally, i get a name a number. So i call this guy his name is Anil from Karela.

OM: Hello

AN: Ha .. hello

OM: You are plumber?

AN: Kalam Arbi ( do you speak arabic)

OM: inta fi plumber ( are you a plumber)

AN: awia plumber (yes)

OM: fi shughul al7een (are you working now)

AN: mafi shugul (no working, no)

OM: Ana 3a6i ziayadah fuloos (i’ll pay you extra)

AN: mafu shugul ( i am not working)

OM: ma yreed ziyadah fuloos (dont you want to make extra money)

AN: aish fee brobrom (what is the problem)

OM: Kitchen pipe mushkil, breaking wajid mayy (the pipe under the kitchen sink is leaking)

AN: yreed valve or pipe (should i get a valve and a pipe)

OM: ha ( yes)

AN: inta yiji shill ana .. ma3loom ruwi sinima? sawi miss call (come pick me up. miss call me when you reach ruwi cinema)

OM: Zain

AN: Khuda Hafiz

I go to pick Anil up, and get back to the house. He tries to cut the water from the kitchen but without success…. he then gives me a serious look and says:

i changing water coming, no probrem no? ( I am going to change the valve without turning the water off, the kitchen will probably get soaked, but we dont have an option)

I give him the go signal

He then maneuvers into the kitchen cabinet and the water starts to gush out. Soaking him and the rest of the kitchen. In less than 30 seconds he was done changing the value and the water had stopped. Anil is my Hero … he made sure i can get some sleep that night without worrying about drowning … we get into the car and drive back to ruwi … he is fascinated by the hand held navigation system i have in the car … so i try to explain to him how its works … we bonded for a bit and then it was over … its was just past 1 am when i got back home…


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