The Ramadhan Dress Code …

This is probably going to be my controversial post  … i know that many will not agree with i have to say about this but here goes, but then again i have been wrong in the past … Ramadhan to me is a month of cleansing and purification … every year during this month i try to give up one of my many bad habits… i also try to use the months to become a better person … and evolve (just a little) towards becoming a more spiritual, stable, balanced, and useful member of society … I think Ramadhan is the month where we solidify our relationship with God … and try to reflect on our actions without falling into the many traps that are set out for us everywhere we go … i am going to share some of these traps:

Trap Number One: Hunger Induced Road Rage (HIRR)
HIRR must be one of the easiest traps to fall into … its a classic example of what one should not be doing during ramdhan … not only do we all (fasting people) fall into it … but we also drag the poor non faster with us into this spiral of hate and anger  … for some strange reason … and i might be completely wrong here as this is just an observation … i feel that the men with long beards are the most angry on the road … it even makes me wonder … is there a relationship between HIRR and the size or length of ones facial hair … this is probably an experiment that needs to be conducted in a controlled environment and the results must be reviewed by three Independent parties (preferably one should be a reputed accounting firm) … i have tried to grow my beard this year to see if it really has an impact my personal HIRR… its been two weeks now and i cannot say for certain that my HIRR has flourished in any noticeable way… So for the next two weeks i would like to ask all who read this … do not be seduced by HIRR … it is evil.

Trap Number Two: The Other You (TOY)
I find that many people get really really really carried away during this holy month… some people turn into preachers … others turn into zombies … others turn into unrecognizable  bundles of fabric … and others just turn into others (O2O) these are the people that suddenly turn into other people …  i talk to some of these people and i wonder if this is the same person i spoke to last week … WHO IS THIS PERSON !!!! … is my sugar deprived brain playing tricks on me ?? or did he really just say that ?? i find my self speechless look around me to see if i recognize where i am … generally speaking,  I can understand and relate to the fact that one would want to take the month and its rituals seriously … but to O2O for a month and then switch back to being another person when the month is done really scares me… so for the next 15 days i would like to ask you all not to let the other you out of the cage … Ramadhan is about striking a balance … O2Oing is not cool… please keep your TOY in the closet dont fall into that trap.

Trap Number Three: The Ramdhan Dress Code (TRDC)
This is another easy trap to fall into … always make sure you are dressed well during the holly month … this would apply more if you were a woman … but even the men should not fall into the temptation of wearing their speedos and going to work … this type of behavior is frowned upon during the month of ramadhan … people are not even allowed to smell good during the day ( i never understood this one)  … even the foreigners are warned and whispered to … i also find that people notice people even more during this time … everyone wants to tell everyone off for doing something that is unacceptable … and a real discrimination between the good looking and not so good looking starts to appear …  for some reason … good looking people are supposed to make more of an effort in not attracting attention to themselves … while the ugly can walk around naked (exaggeration) and people will not find that distracting and corrupting … but a good looking person might be easily labeled as “mashroo3 iftar sa’em” (on a mission to break people’s fast by drawing attention to themselves and making other speak of them and their unorthodox behavior)… so for the coming fortnight … please make sure you are decent while in public … why seek unwanted attention… its a worldly obsession….

So these are the traps i try to avoid during Ramadhan … I try very hard to dress decently ( i succeed almost all the time) … i keep my dark passenger in check (more difficult)  … and i avoid HIRR (even more difficult) … I find staying without food and drink relatively easy … I have some trouble with sleep management but no major issues are to be reported…

one other thing worth mentioning is that i came across an interesting Ramadhan character  that i have not come across in a long tim … the Fasting White Man (FWM) … and i am not talking about The Default Faster (TDF) .. this guy is the real deal .. FWMs  are rare … but they exist … they are either new to Oman … or have been here for a while … the new ones are easier to spot …

side note: TDF is the non muslim guy that feels he has no choice … he is not allowed to eat at the office … not allowed to eat on the street … not allowed to eat in the car and not allowed to eat in the park … so he ends up fasting … not because he wants to fast … or because he agrees to fast …. and even if wanted to eat something, he cannot find anything to eat during the day … and when he does go to the supermarket to get something to eat …. there is the challenge of where to go and eat ..

This FWM was calm, collected, and tired. He spoke with respect and understanding. His attempt at fasting i felt was genuine … HIRR seems to be a major challenge for him at the moment … but he i committed to deliver the whole month … He also works full time unlike us who work for 6 hours a day (hats off) … to honor his efforts i think i just might have to do a seperate post on his experience so far …


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