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This is another “I hate Omantel” that was written a while ago but posting it was inspired by fellow blogger kay’s post here and KC’s post here … i know… i know … this topic has been discussed to death … brought back to life and discussed to death again … and then buried … and then discussed to death again … and again …

side note: does an overkill really exist? if something is already discussed to death can we over do it? is there are threshold that we have to pass for the subject to be over discussed to death?

My internet upgrade to 4MB was a nightmare. i had a to take the day off to wait for the Omantel Monkey to come to my house to check why i am not getting 4 MB, and couldnt fix it nor did he have an explanation… but like most horrible nightmares they never go away..  lately, ive been getting the feeling that “they” are monitoring and reducing my download speed … or at least “they” are trying to make sure i dont download as much as i want to … i got this feeling because … when i download a file its starts really fast and then settles at just under 10kb/s … strange right? … then i try to download multiple files and the all start fast and settle under 10kb/s … it seems that someone … somewhere … is doing this … the speed cannot be that consistent … the download speed is NEVER that constant .. even when its 10kb/s … “they” are doing this … i am convinced … so i call our local Weather Experts at Omantel on 1313 to find out:

side note: i call them weather experts because the know more about the weather than they know about the internet service they provide.

after going thru the recording and holding for a few minutes:

WE: Salaam .. Omantel

OM: Salaam .. i have a problem

WE: Yes ..

OM: Do you people limit my download speed by any chance? because my download speed …

cuts me off

WE: La7dha … a7u6ak fil intidhar ( hold while i put you in the waiting)

Now i am on hold again …

WE: what is you phone number …

i give my phone number…

WE: Try to use the internet after 10 minutes … and it should be fine

OM: do you even know what my problem is?

WE: Aiwa la, lama tsawi download ma yseer ma3ref aish … (when you download it doesnt work …i dont know what)

he actually said “ma3ref aish” which literally translates to “i dont know what”  or “yeah yeah .. whatever” … the guy has not clue what my problem is … and he is not interested to know what my problem is …

OM: ma3ref aish ? inta ma fahem elmodhoo3 la? ( you really dont understand what i am talking about do you?)

WE: 6ab3an Fahim (of course i do)

OM: Fahim Aish ? (what did i say?)

WE: you said you are having a problem with downloading.

OM: what is the problem?

WE: the speed

OM: what is wrong with the speed?

WE: it is slow

OM: Why ?

WE: i did a refresh on your line … that should solve the problem

OM: what is the problem? do you even know what the problem is?

WE: you try it after 10 minutes and if the problem is still there you call us back

OM: Ok, i will. But you dont know what the problem is, because, you are not listening to me. I think you people are limiting my download speed.. you are not allowing me to download at the speed i am paying to download at… you dont understand what  i am saying fo you?

WE: i did a refresh… if the problem is still there please call back

I wish i took the guy’s name … he was the most arrogant weather man i have dealt with on 1313 … he has no technical knowledge …he has no customer service knowledge … he has no manners … he is parrot … just refreshing people’s lines …

This was a month ago … the problem is better but its still there .. now i cannot go beyond 45kbps per download and total speed does not exceed 200 when i am supposed to be getting close to 500…

On their website you will see that it is their vision to be a highly innovative telecommunications provider … that’s going to stay a vision for a while … they are no where close..

The new internet service provider really has an easy job ahead …

a 2 year old goldfish can provide better service …


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