The Omani Graffiti…

I always thought graffiti was a culture’s way of expressing its artistic inner self .. and so i have been trying to collect some of the more prominent pieces around muscat but it seems that i have not managed to collect a lot of them … i think we should try to post as many of them as we can … and so if you do come across any please email them to me on and i will have another post on this …

you will notice that we “as a nation of Omanis and Residents” may not have any artistic inner self based on the following scribbles … but i think they do say something about us …

05092008386The most prominent feature of this one is the use (or over use) of the heart symbol

i cannot say that anything makes any real sense ..

15082008342Ali Rock and fatman are playboys ..

15082008341A town … yes

07032009795This one i think is the most professional of the lot.. its cleaner and more readable … but for some reason this guy thought that HI FM 95.9  is something worth writing on a wall ..


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