The Insurance Broker …

I don’t know if using insurance brokers (IBS) is a good thing or a bad thing… They seem to be a good thing when you are insuring, right? … but the minutes you need anything else done … then they turn so useless so quickly that you would wonder if this is actually the same person that insured your car … then you start doubting that your car is actually insured … you start sweating … and having sleepless nights …

Is my car really insured?

Did this guy really submit the insurance papers to the real insurance company?

Does this guy even know what insurance is?

Can he spell insurance?


The whole thing started when I decided to take a road trip around the GCC … … like every other Omani my car is owned by the bank too!! … so the bank asked to see the documentation of GCC cover insurance for them to give me a letter saying they don’t mind that I drive it around the GCC … make sense, right?

I call my IBS and tell him that I need GCC insurance coverage … he promised to get it done right away and that should come in later that day to pay the amount … to my surprise he calls back to tell me that the insurance company I am insured with does not offer GCC cover …

OM: Ya3ni Aish? (I don’t understand)

IBM: Ma 3andhum (they don’t offer GCC insurance)

OM: Kaif Ma 3andhum? (I still don’t understand)

IBM: Qalo ina lazim ti2amin 3ala el7dood (they said, you insure at the borders)

OM: bes ana areed elta2meen min hina (but I don’t want to insure at the border)

IBM: ma fahamt (I don’t understand)

OM: Areed ta2meen shamil 5aleeji 9adir min 3oman (I need GCC insurance cover)

IBM: Aiwa .. mafi (there is no GCC insurance cover)

OM: Ya3ni Aish? (are you sure?)

IBM: Ya3ni Mafi (yes I am)

OM: aa5er kalaam? (100%?)

IBM: 3oman nabdh wa7id (yes)

This is when I proclaimed my jihad (struggle) towards getting GCC insurance coverage locally … I call another insurance broker and I ask him whether it is allowed to have GCC coverage or not … he assures me that it is allowed and that there is no law that forbids GCC insurance coverage to be issued here in Oman ..

OM: are you sure?

IBM2: of course I am sure

OM: 100%?

IBM2: yes .. yes .. yes

OM: Can you issue it for me?

IBM2: No you have to get it done from the broker or the insurance company


So now I now that my little IBM is a little useless … he has been lazy … so I call him again … and explain to him that it is possible and that I had asked another IBM and he told me that its possible…. I didn’t want to explain the whole bank situation to these guys coz I know it would just confuse them but I did .. to my surprise it didn’t confuse him and Ok he says and promises to go to the insurance company later today and call me when its done…. As promised he calls back and informs me that it is not possible … SHOCK, right? .. wrong .. the shocking is still on its way .. my poor IBM is at the insurance company … I am asking questions and he is repeating them to the insurance person (IPM)

IBM: Ma y9eer ya5y (its not possible)

OM: Ya3ni Aish? (how is that possible?)

IBM: ana fi sharikat elta2meen al7een (I am at the insurance company)

OM: Ma y9eer? (and they don’t want to do it?)

IBM: ma 3andhum (they don’t have GCC cover)

OM: 5abartu ina elbank yireed elta2meen? (did you tell him its for the bank?)

IBM: aiwa ma 3andhum (they don’t have GCC cover)

That was it …

OM: let me speak to the guy

IBM: He doesn’t want to talk to you

OM: Why does he not want to speak to me?

IBM: its against the rules for them talk on the mobile

OM: ok give me his land line number

IBM: ok .. this is the number and this is his name

I call on the land line and ask for him … it rings and then gets transferred back to the operator … she says he is not on his desk … I get his mobile number and call his mobile …

OM: Salaam

IPM: Salaam

OM: IBM gave me your number, this is with regards to getting GCC insurance coverage

IPM: Why do you want GCC coverage?

OM: because I want to drive in other GCC countries

IPM: Yes, I told IBM that you should get it at the border because KSA does not accept international insurance

OM: Yes, thank you, I understand that but I need to get GCC cover from Oman here to show the bank that I have GCC cover

IPM: aish yi5u9 elbank? (What does this have to do with the bank)

OM: Ya 7abibi … el7een batsaweeli elta2meen? (please give me GCC cover)

IPM: I told you to do it at the borders

OM: I have to do it here … are you saying I should change my insurance company? You obviously don’t want to make money…. Its up to me where I insure … I want to do here .. at the border .. on the moon .. so will you do it?

IPM: No , you can go to another insurance company …

OM: Please give me your manager’s number

IPM: I will give you his secretary’s number

OM: give me anyone’s number

I call the number he gave and explained that I needed GCC cover and that IPM was not cooperating … the gentleman asked me for my policy number and said he would call me back … he called back after 10 minutes saying that it has been done and that I should pay the broker 25 OMR as soon as I get a chance …

Before hanging up he reminds me that I will have to still get insurance at the KSA border …

IBM and IPM probably still have a good working relationship … I hope that by now IBM know that GCC cover is an actual product … I also hope that IPM decides to serve customers and instead of being a smart bottom … I assure you that next year, i will ask IBM to change the insurance company for me …


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