The Visa Drop …

Okay … so its been a while since my last post …almost a month ..  did anyone miss me?

i promise to try to post more regularly … i really dont know where AIO gets the time to post so much … and keep the whole thing interesting and funny and real … i also must say that i miss reading for BC and Suburban … they dont post so much no more !

ok ..

Some of the things that routinely take place in Oman and that people dont usually get to do is drop a visa at the airport for a someone that will be visiting… the process is commonly known as the The Visa Drop (TVD) … please do not confuse this with what is commonly referred to as the The Visa Run (TVR)…TVR is when you are working in Oman with a normal visit visa (illegally ya3ni) and then you visit visa exprires and you need to renew it by leaving the country and coming back… TVD on the other hand is an exercise that is very common among people that are into that type of scene … that they actually have an a counter at the airport for it… of course we (me) always hear about dropping the Visa to the airport but never thought much about it or thought that TVD is something that will need to be dealt with

But the time now came … and i was required to do the TVD

I never understood why a TVD had to be done, and i always had questions that are not answered ..

Group – Q1) why do we need to physically pick “The Visa” from immigration and then deliver it back to immigration at the airport? are we being used for transportation? is the process more efficient this way? cant they just email it to each other? or if a physical copy is required, cant they just fax it?  cant we fax  it?

I get to the airport … park and walk into the arrivals terminal (AT) … this is logically where the Visa Deposit Counter (VDC) should be, right ? VDC should be close to the place where people are arriving … i mean if you are going to have a VDC then keep it close to the AT … I walk around the AT looking fir this VDC … but i cant find it … I finally ask around and they tell me that its close to the Departure Terminal (DT) …

Side Note:  I am using the word terminal very loosly here … i am not even sure you can call them terminals … what are terminals anyway ? i never thought that one word could mean so many things … a terminal

I finally get to the VDC …so what do i see ?


I see nothing .. there is no one at the counter … and the money is left there with the box open .. everyone can see the money … the usual event then start to take place … I have to organize everyone into a Q and make sure no one jumps the line … the woman comes back and starts to process the visas … when i finally reach the front of the line … the woman disappears again….

And we wait … again

When she gets back .. she asks:

VDCW : what do you have there? a Visa? ( Aish 3andak)

OM: Yes (ta2sheera mal 3amil)

VDCW: when is the person arriving (matta jay el 3amil)

OM: In a week’s time (ba3ad usboo3)

VDCW : Ok wait .. (istree7)

She then shoos me to the side and calls the guy behind me in line … He was an agent “mandoob” of one of those office that bring in the maids … the guy had 23 Visas to be processed … i had just one … but for some reason she thought my issue can wait .. but the 23 visas can be done before me ..

OM: i have one visa (la7tha la7tha)

VDCW: but he 23 maids waiting inside …

OM: but i have one visa (bes mu3mality asra3)

for some reason … my logic didnt seem logical to her … the guy with the 23 visas then told her to finish my visa first … as if he was doing me a favor … i didnt want to make a fuss so i thanked him and she asked me to pay and gave a reciept ..

i walk out to pay for the parking but the machine didnt work ..


so i had to walk to to ther other machine .. the visa drop was a success… but i am not sure i want to do it any time soon ..


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