The Ten Thruths …

I have been tagged by Angy In Oman to tell ten truths about my self ..

So here goes :

  1. I love Food: I used to watch BBC Food all the time (when i am home) .. now they changed it to BBC Lifestyle .. so now i discovered this other channel called fatafeet .. it has more diverse food programming but much more advertising .. when no one is home .. I eat my meal while watching people cook on TV ..
  2. I dont like heights: I find that this phobia is just getting worse .. when i am in high places i find myself thinking about what it would be like to fall .. and jumping .. and then i get freaked even more .. i can see that this might develop into a problem .. if its not one already ..
  3. I am an internet junkie: I cannot live with out an internet connection .. its my window to whats out there .. and now with the hand held gadgets available i can be online all the time .. Google and Apple are my main internet tools ..
  4. My Car is like a black hole: Things just get sucked into my car and never find their way out again … my kid forgot his shoes in there once .. when they finally found their way out of the car they were too small for him … i have a jumper in there from winter time … and a pair of  flipflops in there from last summer … this is not to mentions all the other miscellaneous stuff that is floating around the boot …
  5. I have not used a hair comb in 9 years: I have not owned a hair comb or brush for over 9 years and have not brushed my hair since… i dont think that i have been a big fan of combed hair … but i wen officially off combing in 2000 and i started just getting my hair shaved off every month … number one!
  6. Power  aware: I have recently and suddenly become very aware of my electricity consumption .. its like some switch in my brain got turned on .. i cannot explain it … i am switching off lights everywhere i go … i even started to reduce the brightness of my computer screen … i even changed my homepage from google to black google …  how large is my carbon foot print ?
  7. I am a gamer: I am obsessed with video games … i play games on every screen i have … from my phone to my laptop to my desktop to my tv … i cannot see that this is going to change … i take turns with kids to use their gameboy …
  8. I like it spicy: I will eat any type of chilly you throw at me… the best ones I’ve had are those small green Thai ones … those are off the chart …
  9. I am not water proof: I dont like the water very much .. although, this summer is almost having me change my mind about this .. but generally speaking i am not really into hanging out in the water for a very long time ..
  10. I like Water Melon Flavored chewing gum.

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