The Christian Cemetery ..

The other day, I was asked by a visiting colleague to take him to the Christian Cemetery .. i had never been there before so i thought it would be an interesting thing to do .. The Cemetery is in the Ras Al Hamra area (PDO) on the right side of the road if you are going to the Club from the Shell Gas Pump… you turn right and follow the road i think there is a sign that says private road or something ..


As i drove up that road .. the first thing i noticed was that there were at least SIX OIG cleaner dudes sitting under the tree at the entrance .. each of was equipped with some kind of cleaning/gardening tool .. it would seem that they were waiting for their ride .. and that they have probably finished the cleaning/gardening duty for the cemetery … its funny that OIG has that responsibility and i wonder who is paying them to keep that place so nice and tidy..

I walked around and had a look some of  the tomb stones.. the whole experience was so different to visiting a Muslim cemetery that it was almost like a picnic … the place is like a park .. so clean .. so green .. so organized .. with pathways and trees.. i took pictures of what i thought were the most interesting Stones … the place is a great reminder of many different things and events of the past .. i leave you with the pics ..




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