The People of the Tunnel …

I am not a really big fan of exploiting children to make money .. and the trend these days seems to be moving towards that .. you will see that there are more kids running around the place asking for money .. making mashakeek on the side of the road or even selling stuff at petrol stations … The Petrol Pump Sales Kids (PPSKs) are the ones that I have been supporting lately … I dont support them in the same way that one would support a football club .. but what i mean is that i have been buying some of the stuff that the PPSKs are selling ..

These particular PPSKs are not omani .. and although they seem to work exclusively at shell petrol pumps .. i find it difficult to believe that they are part of the whole “shell oman ambiance  program- SOAP” … where they hire them to make these petrol pumps more useful and entertaining places … ya3ni in the same way that they now try to have McD’s at every major one …  although the existence of  the PPSKs at these stations enhance the SOAP of these places … for some reason i think these guys are related .. they are probably Palestinian (a guess) but they are the only people i know that would probably do these things…

my first encounter was with a young  boy in the sarooj shell station …  at first .. i waved him off without looking at what he was selling .. but then i had a better look .. PPSK was selling those car accessories you would hang on your rear view mirror … a Koranic verse of a du3a2 … engraved on a piece of leather and looks good to be honest … i like having it my car as it reminds to read the du3a2 before i head out …

OM: aish 3andak? du3a2 el safar? (do you have the travel du3a2?)

PPSK: kullo b’ Rial o nu9 (everything 1.5 rials)

OM: 6ayeb .. 3andak du3a2 elsafar?

PPSK: shoo ha’6 .. du3a2 elsafar?

The poor kid he doesnt even know what he is selling..

OM: 3a6eeni ashoof .. (give em here)

I find what i want and give him the cash ..

My second encounter was at the athaiba station .. also a shell .. also has a McD’s… the difference is that this time .. it was a young girl .. she also didnt know what she was selling ..

I bought from her too .. I really hate it when kids are used in this way

on a separate note … i came across some smart tunnel people the other day … i doubt they live in the tunnel but they are definitely making good use of it .. they even have a technique .. they stand around the entrance first  and agree the the sequence of who will go in first .. maybe they have a rotation going .. once its decided they go for it ! … its much better than crossing the main road .. have a look a the pics ..


TP1: You go first ..

TP2: No No No you go first ..

TP1: but its your tun today

TP2 to TP3: what about you? why are you not saying anything?

TP3: do we really have to take the tunnel?

TP1: maybe you should go first ..

TP2: yeah .. you should go first ..

TP3: last time i went first i didnt have any fun ..

TP2: okay okay i will go first

TP1 to himself: suckaaa

TP3 to himself: thank god ! IMG00505-20091027-1710


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