The Response …

So its been a while .. but i am still around .. i thought i would share a response i got on my post about expat wives .. one of them has spoken… for this i want to say thank you … please let us know more about your world .. i know your new .. but thats ok .. you’ll find your way .. i am sure of that… also … i think you can say good buy to your hard working days .. and your worries are going to be getting stared at when you go to the beach !!!

I think its very nice of your take the time to comment .. and i sincerely hope you have a good couple of years here … i am sure that you will learn to love it … Welcome to Oman 😀

“Hi there! I suppose I am one of the ladies you so sneeringly referred to! ;) I will tell you what I did today if that will help! I got up, bemoaned the fact that it is virtually impossible to cross the street, went the beach and got stared at, got bored, came home, cleaned my apartment again and remained imprisoned for the rest of the day on my traffic island (apartment block) watching the clock until the only person I know in Oman (my husband) returned from work and listened in on his work phone calls until after 9pm. I sometimes shop at Al Fair as it is the only place within walking distance of my home and I don’t have a car. And the other ‘white’ ladies I see in there look as lost as I feel, look closer you may see this. Nobody in their right mind spends that long choosing an avocado! I’m not sure about the high council business, I’ve not been here long, just wanted to assure you that not all white women you see wandering around in these places are spoilt bitches. I’ve worked in shops for a living (and done it with a smile), stacking shelves, unloading delivery lorries, I’ve scrubbed floors for a living, I’ve got up at 3am to work in a bakery and I’ve worked as a gardener. My husband got lucky and was offered a nice job in Muscat, that’s all.”


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