The Avatar: A Visit to the (shatty) Cinema …

Finally something to blog about …

As much as I like the movies… I really dislike going to the cinema here … I find it very difficult to concentrate on the movie and the conversations going around me … believe I try … I try very hard … but at the end I am usually very drained … I also come out of the movie with the actual need to watch it again … so the solution to this dilemma is that I just don’t go to the cinema … and eventually watch the movie at home … yes it’s a smaller screen … and yes I cannot put the volume up as high as I want …  and yes the popcorn in the cinema is more industrial … but at least I can go to the toilet whenever I want without it being a waste of money … and I get to actually see the movie …

Now when avatar came out … I resisted not going … I really did … everyone went to see it … some people even drove to dubai to see it 3D … people on twitter were making twitterdates to do see it … calls … sms messages … emails … avatar avatar avatar … after that everyone became a movie critic … just like after guno when everyone became a meteorologist (spell check keeps telling its spelled embryologist: not sure that means weather expert) … you kept hearing different stories from people how they thought the story was weak … and how James Cameron did a great job with the effects but he really screwed the story …

You kept hearing things like … The story is too predictable … the story is too plain … the story is cannot compare with the effects … the story is a little disappointing … the story … the story … the story … I think its really funny that people kept talking about how crap the story was … but no one ever tells you what the story is about … all the talk about the effects and story and at the end … not one person will tell you what the story is about …

Going back to my resistance movement against going to the cinema … I finally gave in … and went to see avatar … I waited until it was the last show of the last shows… at least that’s what I was told … I later find out that it was NOT the last show .. and last show is actually today and was not on Thursday when I went… in any case … when did ending up going it was at 830 on a Thursday … the day that one must NEVER go to shatti let alone shatti cinema … the first problem was obviously trying to get to the place … traffic … the second was parking … parked far away … the third was getting thru the people (and cars) hanging outside the cinema … and finally getting my popcorn and getting to my seat.

Avatar starts and all is going strangely smoothly so far … the three omani guys behind me are remarkably quiet and the four seats on my left are empty … I start to get into it and then the boys behind (BBs) start to converse:

BB1: dokum elmu3awa8  ( check out the disabled person )

BB2: hatha filim 5ayali .. malak inta    (it’s a fantasy movie  .. don’t worry)

Then 5 minutes later:

BB2: noba ..tdoo5 zagara ( she is smoking also)

BB1: tow inta ma 8ult inah filim 5ayali (didn’t you say it’s a fantasy movie)

Then Phone Rings:

BB3: alu .. aiwa .. fil cenema .. 3avatr .. aiwa ..

This was all in the first half an hour … then the people in the seats next to me start to arrive … first a young Egyptian couple come and decide not to sit next to me … which was nice .. I still had a nice buffer on the left … 15 minutes later an Indian guy with 8 year old arrive and sit next to me … the poor kids had no idea what was going on … and kept asking questions  … unfortunately my hindi is not very good … coz it would have been interesting to see what a child would think of the Movie … the only thing I could understand is when the scenes changed and the screen was dark for a second … the kid would scream .. “Break Papa .. Break? Break? Papa Break?”  and dad would go …” noo beta .. be quiet”

Then it was time for BBs to discuss how these creatures had USB connections with the animals … and how they wish they had flash disks connected to their bodies … as much as I would like to bring you that conversation … I think that is when I really understood why no one was able to talk about the story like they had actually seen the movie … coz at the end of the no one actually got to follow the whole film let alone understand the story … which from the parts that managed to see and understand were a mix between star wars and the matrix to some extend with a Navi race which you sometimes think are African and other times you would think they eastern Europeans or Russians … and the classic point of view (of some people) that they can simply take away whats not theirs and at the same time assimilate and  lead a primitive yet highly evolved alien race against them !?

It was a real “shatty” experience … cant wait till they bring it back in 3D!


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