The Rights to the BALLS ….

Recently i have made it a bit of a point to get out of the house a bit more … i know, i know .. its almost summer and should have started when the weather was a little better ..

what to do .. we are like this only ..

so i decide to take the kids bowling .. and end up going to the bowling alley at the Masa Mall (MM) .. its usually pretty good .. and not too full .. the MM is a funny little place .. always an adventure to go to and always filled some interesting and colorful people … before we go in my kids have a bit of a ritual where they go up and down the ramp a few times .. for some reason they find this to be part of the fun of going to MM .. this time there was western lady standing on the ramp smoking a cigi .. they kids ran half way saw this women and ran back down .. then refused to go back up the ramp .. it was a bit weird .. she wasnt scary or anything … she seemed like a nice enough woman … but the kids must have felt something … so i felt a bit bad and walked them up the ramp … the lady kinda noticed that she freaked the kids out so she was a bit embarrassed and i was a bit embarrassed .. so what do i say :

OM: they are just shy you know ..

now i am thinking this is supposed to make the situation better .. “oh your not a freak .. they are just shy kids” .. the poor woman just replied .. “it’s okay”

So as soon as you walk into MM you are greeted by a young Omani with a George Micheal (when he was part of WHAM!) with a very thin mustache and a hint eye shadow .. he is usually chatting to “another” girl that works at the kiosk right at the entrance .. as many times as ive been i never managed to see her face .. she hides behind that kiosk in such a way that no one can actually tell if there is someone at that thing .. cant say that i even know what they sell there ..

This week there were TWO birthday parties at the bowling place … and the place was buzzing with kids and parents and balloons and house maids … and of course the Omani Woman National Bowling team was also there practicing .. i managed to get a lane in the center and walked up with the little ones to start the game .. there were a few balls at the place that balls come out .. does it have a name? .. i walk to the balls there to check out the numbers .. i usually try to find an 8 or 9 ball for the kids ..  there’s only one 6 ball but that’s almost impossible to get .. and suddenly this Old(er) Dude starts at me:

OD: We chose these balls .. you cannot use them ..
OM: I was just checking the numbe..
OD: NO ! these are my balls .. they are mine
OM: Relax .. I’m just cheking the number to see if the kid ..
OM: I am in bowling in the lane next to yo..
OD: I told you not to touch my balls ..

I look at this guy and i look at the people with him .. he must be in his 50s .. he has a asian (china type not india type) looking woman with him and they have 2 kids (teenagers) also asian looking .. he’s not asian (china type or india type) he looks middle eastern .. most probably north african … so i switch to arabic

OM: laish za3lan .. (why are you upset?)
OD: These are MINE .. you are NOT allowed to use them ..
OM: you own these balls? you paid for them? bought them? they are yours?
OD: No, i chose them ..
OM: what does that mean?  are they your balls or are they not your balls?

I was starting to get upset now .. they guy was just being a dick .. these arnt his balls .. they are communal balls .. they are every body’s balls .. the balls of the people ..

OD: I went around and i chose the balls ..
OM: I see … so they are not your balls … they are common balls for everyone to use .. and you know what .. i was not going to use them .. coz they are too heavy .. but now .. i will use them .. and lets see what you are going to do about it .. so you sit down on your chair and play your game ..
OD: I will take legal action against you if you use them ..
OM: you do what you have to do .. i am going to play with your balls!!

He runs off like a little kids complaining to the teacher and goes to the little Filipino woman that works there starts to tell her how they are his balls .. she come to me to try and understand what was happening and i ask here if he has the right to forbid anyone from using the balls .. of course he doesnt and she tell him that they are not his balls .. he then runs off to the Egyptian manager and does the same … leaving his poor family waiting at the lane next to us … we start to play

we have a good game and the kids have a great time as usual … at one point they all managed to get a balloon each … this was of course more fun than bowling and i actually got to take a few throws and make good on my promise of playing with “his” balls … he obviously had not luck with his legal action against us and decided to finish his game …
then out of no where .. this Bald White Dude (BWD) come up and tries to take our only number 8 ball .. no excuse me or may I or anything .. it seems that this day was going to be fight over your balls day ..

OM: excuse me .. we are using that ball … you can take the heavy one .
BWD: my kid wants to throw and the ball he was using go stuck .. you’ll have it right back
OM: take the heavy ball … we have five kids (not all mine) here that also want to play and they are all sharing that ball ..
then BWD – believe it or not – just walks away with the ball.. with every disregard to the two adults (i was with a friend and his kids) telling him that he is taking the only ball the kids are using .. he turns around to see that his kid has managed to get another ball .. so he brings the ball back .. sometimes i really cannot believe how rude these people can be .. most are are polite and very respectful and the few nasty rude ones just spoil it for everyone else ..

So as we are about to finish our game the Egyptian manager come up to me and asks me to talk to OD … i told him i had nothing to say …
he insisted ..
i resisted ..
he insisted ..
i resisted some more…
he still insisted ..
i tried to resist..
but at the end his Egyptian sense of persuasion won..
we are now back talking to Mister These Are My Balls I Chose Them..

To make a long story short .. they guy was still pretty upset that he didnt get his way .. and that no one actually acknowledged his rights to the balls .. He also wanted to tell us what an important person he was .. and how he held an important job and position and job title … and how he mingles with high society .. He insisted to take legal action .. The Egyptian found that funny which upset him even more .. finally I asked what he really wanted ..

OM: What do you want?
OD: My legal right !!
OM: which is what exactly?
OD: 7a8y el8anooni!!! ( my legal rights)
OM: you want me to say sorry?
OD: No
OM: you want money?
OD: No … i want you to hear what i have to say ..
OM: look .. you are an old dude (inta rijal kabir) .. and i am sorry that you are upset .. can we just let this go .. i have to go hang with my kids
OD: i want you to listen to me !!
OM: *sigh* ok .. tell me
OD: blah blah blah … i worked hard to get the balls… blah blah bla .. and every time i collected them .. the kids came and stole them .. and i ended up with out balls … bla bla blah ..
OM: Ok I get it .. everyone was taking your balls today and you didnt want me to take them.. but i told you i was in the lane nest to you .. but you were too upset to listen ..  can i go now?

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