Absolute B.O.

Have you ever heard someone call something “Absolute B.O.”?

I have … it happened over the weekend…. when i first heard the phrase … i didnt know what to think … i am used to hearing people call stuff “absolute B.S.” or “That is B.S” or “ that is complete B.S“ …. but i never heard of anything other than B.O. being called B.O. before ….. isnt It unorthodox to replace B.O. with B.S. … almost disgusting …

So it took me a little time to comprehend what was going on … after digesting the comparison… it hit me that this can actually work … i mean, think about it …. B.O. is (to me at least) way worse than B.S. … And I am sure most of you can actually relate to calling something B.O. .. we have all come across very bad B.O. … I mean when you live in places that can get as hot as our Oman, sometimes you cannot avoid coming across it …..and the other thing is i dont even know what B.S. looks like …I know it doesn’t look like a diamond ring …. But there is not mental picture that I can use to associate it with when I use the term B.S….

So this happens while I was having a meal at the Tuscany (Grand Hyatt Muscat)…. There was this guy at the table next to me who was saying to people he was with “don’t believe that for a second …. It is absolute B.O. … It is B.O. I tell you !” … I don’t usually listen into people’s conversations … I do sometimes … but not all the time … however, this time I could’nt not listen … the guy was a bit loud about it … he kept going on … “IT IS B.O.” ….

Side note: The Tuscany is pretty good in terms of food. I think the menu is a bit limited, but that’s what you would expect from a place like that. They serve excellent crispy thin bread with the baked garlic. They also have this nice fluffy bread which is served with Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar … I recommend the Tuna Tartar for the starter… a meal would set you back anywhere between 30-50 Rials depending on what you order..

So this entry – i am hoping – will help popularize the use of the term B.O. and eventually work towards replacing the term B.S. …. Yes, i agree that this is an ambitious undertaking, but i think it has to be done. We have to take ambitious projects in life and I think this is a worthy one …B.O. is so much more meaningful and much more relevant … you never know … maybe we can slip a word into the Omani/Anglo slang dictionary …

Its funny how some things are funny when they happen…. and they stay funny your head as long as you remember … but its difficult to make sure these funny things stay funny when you tell people about them .. let alone write about them on a blog …I guess what i am trying to say is that this post is absolute B.O.


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